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Safe and fast

Test new markets

We connect you with local and international shops
We ensure a smooth collaboration with verified shops
Testing and scaling your brand has never been easier
Instead of spending days, even weeks searching the internet for possible partners and contacting them each individually, you can use the CooCooshop platform to reach them all at once.
Doing business with poeple on the other side of the world can be tricky. That’s why it’s our role to make it easy and safe for your brand. We verify our partners and make sure all requirements are met.
CooCooShop provides a low risk way for your brand to test new markets. Quickly and easily put your brand in new locations worldwide. A modern and smart approach to scaling your brand.

Matching Shops and Brands

Subscribe and identify shops in desired markets by location
Define your requirements for those markets

Receive proposals from shops in the target market
Choose the shops that are right for you


The shop pays a small fee
You send your products to them

Shop sells the products. CooCooShop is paid on commission
Everyone benefits


Frequently Asked Questions

What steps do I need to follow in order to be matched with shops?

1. Start a search targeting a city or country where you want to sell your products, giving your business requirements.
2. The shop owners who can meet your requirements will be contacted. If they are interested, they will respond to you with a proposal and you become a match.
3. You will see all the interested shops and you can select which shops you want to work with.
4. Before the working match can begin, the shop pays a small fee. When it is paid the contact information will be exchanged.
5. The collaboration commences.

Why can't I see shop details when I click on the map?

CooCooShop is very careful with the information of their participants. Consequently, we only provide details when a connection is found. Once you have selected the geographic limits of your search, you will be asked to outline your business requirements. Based on those requirements, we will invite shops to connect with you.

How much does it cost to use CooCooShop?

You pay CooCooShop a commission on the overall sales of your products of between 6 - 8%, depending on your subscription level.
You pay us only once you have received payment from the shop. If neeeded, fees will be reimbursed due to product returns.
Contact if you are interested to lowering the percentage paid and increase your subscription level.

What information will I be able to see in the response from a shop?

You will see full information about the shop, including full address, photos, specifications and any personalized message that the shop owner sends you.

Who pays for delivery and return of goods?

You will always pay for goods to be shipped to the shop. You will be expected to pay for any return of goods, unless you have explicitly agreed not to, with your partner shop. If you expect the shop to pay for the return of goods, you need to state that in the "More information" section of your requirements.

How can I pay any fees?

CooCooShop accepts all major credit cards and you can pay on invoice for larger amounts.

What if my question is not answered here or I need assistance with using CooCooShop?

CooCooShop team is here to help. Please contact us on and ask your question. We will do all we can to help you.

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