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I have a brand

Find the best shops and the perfect locations for your brand.

I have a shop

Find unique brands that fit your shop perfectly.

CooCooShop links Shops seeking innovative products to Brands who are looking
to sell their products in both local and international shops

Matchmaker for Brands and Shops connects:

  • Retail professionals who want to be connected to innovative brands and distributors and have the latest, most exciting fashion in their shops.
  • Brands and distributors that are looking to be connected to the very best, most creative and unique shops, to showcase and sell their products. is open to all professionals from the world of fashion, accessories, jewellery and promotional articles. is an internationally-operating service and works worldwide wherever you find shops and other retail spaces with public access.

Matching Shops and Brands

Shops register for free. Brands subscribe.
Brands and Shops describe themselves and their requirements

Brand searches their desired markets for shops
Based on Brand requirements, matching shops send a proposal


Brand receives the proposal and if agreed,
Shops pay a small fee and contact details are exchanged

Shop sells the products. CooCooShop is paid on commission
Everyone benefits


Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use CooCooShop?

CooCooShop is free for Shops to register. Brands pay a small subscription fee (maximum of 10 Euros per month).
Shops pay a small fee when a mutually-agreed connection is made. CooCooShop is paid a single-digit commission on goods sold.

Who pays for delivery and return of goods?

The Brand typically pays for shipping of goods but it can be varied by agreement with the shop.

How can I pay any fees?

CooCooShop accepts all major credit cards and you can pay on invoice for larger amounts.

What if my question is not answered here or I need assistance with using CooCooShop?

CooCooShop team is here to help. Please contact us on and ask your question. We will do all we can to help you.

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