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About us

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The Changing World of Retail Demands a New Approach.

  • Nobody can deny that the way in which we shop has changed tremendously over the last decade. And the way in which we will shop in future will change even more. The internet has been both a blessing and a curse for brands, distributors, manufacturers but most especially shops.
  • Traditional and specialised shops are disappearing from city centres. City centre shops are dramatically losing their clientele.
  • Without change, new designers and brands will find it difficult to find access to the retail market due to this decline.

So, we created, to put the "Shop back into Shopping"

Our Team


Elsie de Mik (co-founder and VP Sales and Marketing) – Has over 30 highly-successful years in retail and is the co-owner of a shop in Nice. Elsie is President of the Local Shopkeepers association and is a “Madame de Commerce France”.


Pieter de Mik (co-founder and Chief Executive Officer) - Founder and former owner of highly successful Advertising Agency (MAX Advertising), exited in 2000. He is co-owner of a shop in Nice. He holds a diploma in marketing from the HES in Amsterdam


Alastair Armstrong (Chief Technology Officer) - Has 30 years in Senior roles in the Software Industry and helped multiple software startups successfully exit in the last decade. He holds a Diploma in Software Engineering.


Yvonne Armstrong (VP Customer Success) - Has over 25 years working in Support, Training, Back Office and HR for London Organisations. She holds a Diploma in Business Administration and a Certificate in Training Practice.


Veronika Sonsev (Expert Advisor on the CooCooShop Advisory Board) is a retail industry consultant, speaker and connector. She leads the retail practice for Chameleon Collective, is one of the Co-founders of the CommerceNext summit and is a contributor to Forbes.

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